New RNS 510 radio navigation system for the Volkswagen Touareg

New RNS 510 radio navigation system for the Volkswagen Touareg  
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on 07/17/2007

Source: VW

The new RNS 510 radio navigation system from Volkswagen not only unites a host of multimedia functions, but it can also be combined with a hybrid TV tuner and "Premium" Bluetooth mobile phone preparation. Effective immediately, the RNS 510 is available for the Touareg at a price of 2,020.00 euros. The RNS 510 from Volkswagen is easily and systematically controlled via a sensitive touchscreen display. Additional keys have also been provided to support this user-friendly concept. The new system has a high-performance processor which enables it to calculate routes extremely quickly and to display sections of a map in 16:9 format. An integrated 30 GB hard drive serves to store data for the navigation system and can also be used to save audio content (MP3 / WMA).

The high-resolution display now enables maps to also be displayed in 3D, and delivers brilliant screen quality for the playback of photos and videos. In addition, the new RNS 510 can also display topographical map details, which is an especially useful feature for off-road driving.

The integrated DVD drive supports the playback of common audio formats such as MP3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio) in addition to playing videos (only while the vehicle is parked). Audio in these formats can also be accessed via an SD card slot located on the front of the unit. An audio module with ten speakers and 4 x 20 Watts of power rounds out the high-end features of this system. The RNS 510 costs 2,020.00 euros for the Touareg.

The spectrum of use of the new RNS 510 can be expanded with a hybrid TV tuner. This makes it possible to receive both analogue and digital (DVB-T) channels. The reception of digital channels (dependent on local network availability) in particular provides excellent picture quality. In addition, current news can also be accessed via the integrated teletext feature. These functions can only be utilised when the vehicle is parked. TV reception is available as an option for the RNS 510 at a price of 1,190.00 euros.

Using a mobile phone is also made easier when the RNS 510 is combined with "Premium" Bluetooth mobile telephone preparation. The device has a "Phone" button for convenient operation. Pressing this button provides direct access to the basic telephone menu. Menu functions, such as scrolling through the telephone book or directly dialling a number on the virtual 10-digit keypad, are carried out using the touchscreen display.
The Premium hands-free kit can be ordered as an option at a price of 640.00 euros.

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