Nismo's kit for the GT-R frightens the Godzilla in your Nissan

Nismo's kit for the GT-R frightens the Godzilla in your Nissan  
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on 05/27/2009

The Nissan GT-R cannot be named but Godzilla. The GT-R is how a Godzilla could be represented on 4 wheels and if you know your chicanes well at the local race track, you can feel like you're taped to the back of one.

The customization programs have begun long back and they are inevitable since people's tastes are different and everybody wants something different.

The newest tuner is Nissan’s in-house guys Nismo.

Nissan's Nismo upgrade for the Nissan GT-R tunes the engine and transmission management software, which you can only rent. The Nismo kit gives the Nissan GT-R a better low end torque, increased boost pressure, and better low-end boost response. It allows faster downshifting and the electronic speed limiter is lifted to 199 mph.

If building an ultimate Nissan GT-R is in your life's itinerary, then Nismo's kit is the best way to start proceedings.

Source: FancyTuning

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