Nissan Navara best selling European pickup in 2006

Nissan Navara best selling European pickup in 2006  
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on 01/27/2007

Nissan’s Navara was the best-selling pickup in Europe in 2006, its first full year of sales, with a total of 45,200 units registered*. It commanded an incredible 25% of the European market for pickups. And when combined with the 13,000 registrations of the Pickup in 2006, Nissan’s entry-level pickup, Nissan’s market share in this rapidly expanding segment of the market increases to 32%. The Navara is the best-selling pickup in markets such as Spain – its home market, as it is manufactured in Nissan’s Zona Franca factory in Barcelona – France, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

Since its launch in June 2005 over 60,000 European customers have found in Navara the perfect tool to work hard and play hard. By offering SUV levels of comfort, space and on-road dynamic performance for civilised weekend motoring, combined with super-tough characteristics for a hard-working, Monday-Friday lifestyle, the Navara has given customers the option of owning a pickup which doesn’t compromise their daily lives.

Furthermore on Tuesday 23 January, the Navara reached another milestone. The 100,000th unit was produced at Nissan Motor Iberica SA, from where it is also exported to countries such as South Africa, Australia and Gulf Coast countries.

“This is a great reward for Barcelona plant. Navara project was a big challenge for all employees of Zona Franca and this performance recognises the confidence that Nissan management has placed in the people of Nissan’s Spanish Industrial Operations over the last few years,” said José Vicente de los Mozos, Vice President, Nissan Spanish Industrial Operations.

”The success of Navara demonstrates Nissan’s leadership in the pickup segment in Europe. The combination of SUV qualities and pickup utility offered by the Navara has raised the stakes in this competitive segment,” said Brian Carolin, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe.

The Navara is available in double and king cab configuration and is powered by a
2.5-litre diesel engine giving 171PS of power and 403Nm of torque, segment leading figures and 3T towing capacity, the most capable pickup in the segment. Just over 80% of Navaras are ordered in double cab form. Features include a fully switchable all-wheel drive system, the unique C-Channel cargo anchorage system, Nissan’s DVD-based Birdview satellite navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, automatic transmission and six-CD audio system.

*All figures are taken from TOP30, an independent research organisation providing data and analysis to the automotive sector. The countries whose registration data has been used: UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Iceland, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, French Overseas Territories, Israel, Romania and Serbia.

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