Nissan Pivo on display at the Science Museum (UK)

Nissan Pivo on display at the Science Museum (UK)  
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on 05/20/2008

Source: Nissan

The futuristic Nissan Pivo will be on display in the new exhibition The Science of Survival at the Science Museum from Saturday 24 May to Sunday 1 June 2008. Nissan Pivo is a concept car, powered by a lithium-ion battery, which generates no emissions compared to normal road-going vehicles.

The car’s cabin rotates 360º, removing the need for a reverse gear and making parking simple. Pivo’s design incorporates large doors, windscreens and windows and reduces driver blind spots by displaying the exterior surroundings on screens inside the vehicle. This is a rare opportunity for the UK public to see the Pivo in action.

The Science of Survival is a new, hands-on, family exhibition, which uses the latest environmental research to challenge visitors to create their own sustainable city of 2050. The exhibition highlights possible ways of changing and adapting how we live to ensure that we will be able to survive in 2050. The Science of Survival runs at the Science Museum, London until 2 November 2008, before touring internationally.

Sara Milne, CEO of The Science Of…, said, “We are thrilled to be bringing the future of driving to the exhibition and are very grateful to Nissan for presenting us with Pivo for this special display during half-term week. The Science of Survival highlights the latest thinking in environmental inventions and devices and Pivo is a wonderful example of creativity with the benefit of the planet in mind. It is entirely fitting that Pivo becomes part of the exhibition.”

Simon Sproule, Corporate Vice President of Nissan said, “We are proud that Pivo will be taking its place alongside some of the wonders of human invention in the Science Museum. Pivo is an imaginative demonstration of the potential for advanced zero-emission vehicles that we believe represent a major breakthrough for clean personal mobility.”

The Science of Survival invites visitors to explore new ways of finding water and creating new super foods, designing vehicles and building new homes and gardens for the year 2050. It reveals how our lifestyles and leisure activities affect the world’s environment. Each visitor’s choices, designs and creations are stored using their Survival card as they progress through the exhibition until, finally, their own neighbourhood of 2050 rises from the ground and combines with the communities created by other exhibition visitors to form an entire city of 2050.

The exhibition also offers an early opportunity to see first-hand many new inventions designed to make best use of the planet’s resources. These include the Toilet-lid Sink, which recycles the water we use to wash our hands, sending it straight into the toilet cistern; the Q-drum, a roll-able water container which is a simple, hygienic and comfortable way of transporting large amounts of water large distances in poorer, drier countries, rather than struggling with heavy, cumbersome, unhygienic containers; the Eglu Chicken House, an effective way of keeping chickens and producing eggs in an urban garden; and the eCube a low-cost device that imitates food to dramatically reduce the large amount of energy used by fridges and freezers.

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