OCC builds a AMG theme motorcycle

OCC builds a AMG theme motorcycle  
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on 05/27/2009

If you are an ardent fan of custom motorcycles, the Teutuls would be your demigods. The father-son duo gets into verbal brawls, idea clashes, generation gap gaga almost all the time, but the bikes they construct reflect the quality of workmanship in the OCC camp.

Often credited for creating pieces of art, the Teutuls were at their best yet again to bring out a AMG chopper.

The OCC team were flown to the AMG factory in Germany so that they could get a taste of AMG, what these cars were capable of, their power and experience of driving one. The team returned back to the shop with a SL63 for further ideas to sprout.

The project has been finished. Take a look at the video to learn about it.

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