Peugeot’s 307 Estate attracts canine response

Peugeot’s 307 Estate attracts canine response  
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on 01/06/2007

Source: Peugeot UK

Peugeot’s Specialist Vehicle Operation (PSVO) department is to supply West Midlands Police with a further 15 307 Estate cars, to carry their dog patrol teams. The specially adapted Peugeot cars met the demanding criteria for the response transportation of trained dogs and their handlers, and are specially adapted to hold a removable cage.

West Midlands Police stipulated a comprehensive specification for vehicles that would meet wide-ranging criteria. While the vehicles naturally needed to be of estate car proportions, the 307 is the only car in its class that allows the fitting of a full size removable dog cage, fully utilising the impressive 2,082 litres of space, with an easily accessible tailgate opening aperture of 1196mm.

Another key attribute of the 307 is its chassis dynamics, combining good handling with a ride quality that enables occupants to be fully composed by the journey’s end. The impressive HDi 110 diesel engine has a wide performance range, with a combined fuel economy of 55.3mpg and low emissions of 134g/km of CO2.

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