Renault announces Engineering action plan

Renault announces Engineering action plan  
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on 03/16/2007

Source: Renault

As Carlos Ghosn undertook on March 1, 2007, the Group Executive Committee (CEG) of Renault approved the support plan for the Engineering and Technocentre teams on March 15. This plan, supporting Renault Commitment 2009, includes measures to:

- reinforce team management and improve working conditions
- implement better workload planning and set up the necessary resources
- optimize skills management.

“The challenge is to reinforce the quality of human interaction within the Engineering and Technocentre teams,” said Jean-Louis Ricaud, Executive Vice President (EVP), Engineering and Quality, at the presentation of the plan to staff.

The plan notably envisages the development of closer and direct management in the engineering teams. Weekly meetings in each work unit, and the establishment of a “Team Day”, should also facilitate dialogue and the support of colleagues.

The Director of the Technocentre at Guyancourt, who will be named on April 2, will report to both the EVP for Engineering and Quality and the Group Director of Human Resources. He will be wholly responsible for this activity.

The directors of Renault’s other Engineering facilities will, in turn, report to him. They will be in charge of the daily management of these sites : developments in the working environment; application of risk prevention plans with the CHSCT (Comités d'Hygiéne de Sécurité et des Conditions de Travail); concrete improvement of daily
living conditions (facilities management, employee services, conviviality, etc); following-up on analyses made by the Stress Observatory, etc.

The planning section will be reinforced and equipped with more efficient systems. This way, workloads will be better evaluated, planned with care and shared in a more equitable way from the conception stage onwards.

To deal with the peak of activity in 2007 and 2008, 110 automotive specialists will be recruited and temporary resources will be used to reinforce the Engineering teams.

Finally, training programs will be intensified. They should enable each employee to acquire the skills (IT and CAD, financial management, English, etc.) necessary to rise to the challenges the company' faces in today’s environment.

This action plan, supporting Renault Commitment 2009, will be reviewed regularly in the establishments concerned and monitored by the Group Executive Committee of Renault.

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