Renault Nissan alliance reports sales of 6,090,304 vehicles in 2008

Renault Nissan alliance reports sales of 6,090,304 vehicles in 2008  
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on 02/04/2009

In a global market that fell 5%, Renault and Nissan reported a 1.1% drop in sales for 2008. With a total of 6,090,304 vehicles sold in 2008, the Renault Nissan Alliance captured a 9.4%1 share of the global new vehicle market, up 0.3% points from 2007.

Renault and Nissan sold 2,382,230 and 3,708,074 vehicles respectively. Renault’s worldwide sales decreased by 4.1%, while Nissan’s rose by 0.9%.

Renault resilient amid a global market crisis

In a global market that fell by 5%, the Renault group reported a 4.1% drop in sales, while market share increased to 3.6%.

The Renault Group (Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung brands) pursued international growth with a 1.5% rise in sales outside Europe to a total of 873,798 units, accounting for almost 37% of all Renault group global sales.

In Europe, in a crisis-struck market that fell 8.1%, the Renault group grew its market share 0.2 points to 9%.

Outside Europe the most significant performances are:

* In Brazil, the Renault group increased sales by 56.4% to a record of 115,000 vehicles. Group market share rose 1.2 points to 4.3% and Renault became one of the top six brands in Brazil. Nearly 40,000 Sanderos and more than 36,500 Logans were sold in Brazil.
* In Russia, Renault group sales increased 6.8%, topping the 100,000 sales mark for the second consecutive year.
* In Morocco, the Group continued to lead the market, with 27.8% market share.

Nine new models were launched in 2008: Clio Sport Tourer, Grand Modus, Mégane, Laguna Coupé, Kangoo, Kangoo Compact, Kangoo Van, Logan Pick-Up and Thalia/Symbol. By the end of 2009, the Renault Group will boast the youngest range in Europe with an average age of 2.2 years (compared with 3.8 years in 2005).

Entry range products from Renault and Dacia brands provided strong growth with 510,000 units sold, a 38.7% growth compared to 2007.

Renault signed on February 28, 2008 a partnership agreement with the leading Russian carmaker, AvtoVaz, which counts for a total of 669,972 Lada sales between March and December 2008. As they are not representing a full year, they are not incorporated to Renault 2008 total sales.

Nissan, global sales boosted by a strong product line-up

Despite declines in many of its major markets, Nissan (Nissan and Infiniti brands) closed 2008 with global sales rising 0.9% year-on-year to 3,708,074 units. Sales were boosted by the launch of eight all-new products including the Teana, Infiniti FX, Maxima, NP200 pickup, Qashqai+2, KIX mini-SUV, Cube, and 370Z.

In Japan, Nissan sold 678,126 units, down 5.9% year-on-year in a market that saw its lowest volumes since 1980. Market share was down 0.2 percentage points to 13.3% compared to 2007.

In the U.S., where the market saw a sharp decline of 18.0% to 13,242,701 vehicles compared to 2007, Nissan sales were down a lesser 10.9%. Combined sales from Nissan and Infiniti totaled 951,350 units. Nissan’s market share in the US stood at a record 7.2%.

European sales (including Russia) reached a new record of 591,139 units, representing an increase of 5.5% versus 2007 (the previous highest sales year). This was largely driven by the popularity of the Qashqai which sold 183,294 units. Russia remained Nissan largest market in Europe, recording sales of 154,340 units, an increase of 26.5% compared with the previous year.

The General Overseas Markets (GOM) ended the year with double digit growth, with sales up 15.3% from the previous year to 1,404,008 units. Sales in China were up 19.1% due to the success of Tiida, Livina series and Sylphy. Sales in the GCC were up 17.1%, due to popularity of the Tiida and Altima.

The Alliance, leading in zero-emission vehicles.
In a significant move towards reducing vehicle CO2 emissions as well as particulate pollution, the Alliance accelerated its breakthrough plans to lead the global automobile industry in mass-marketing zero-emission vehicles. The Alliance is forming innovative partnerships with governments, cities and other organizations that will advance the deployment of electric vehicles worldwide. 2009 will mark the 10th anniversary of the formation of the Renault Nissan Alliance.

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