Renault simplifies car range for 2011

Renault simplifies car range for 2011  
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on 12/01/2010

Source: Renault

Modern-day life is getting more complicated. Or, so it seems, in spite of ever-advancing technology. So, at a time when stress-free living seems even harder to come by, in its own small way, Renault is ‘simplifying’ complex decision-making, by streamlining its range for prospective car buyers.

The forward-thinking action, launched under an equally succinct project name, ‘Simplification’, will ensure that, from 4th January 2011, Renault customers will be able to understand its product line-up more readily, and the distinctive features of each model and its trim levels, with immediate clarity, enabling them to select the car which best fits their needs quicker. The unusual step responds to today’s needs from retail and business customers for value-for-money, simplicity, the standardisation of key equipment and the wider availability of new technologies. Customer feedback was extensively sought, including several of the major residual value providers, regarding the company’s model range.

In practice, the changes will ensure that the Renault range is consistent, coherent and logical. As a result, the core trim levels will be reduced to a maximum of three per model, excluding Renaultsport. However, the reduction in versions is only half of the story, with standard naming and meaning of trim levels being reinforced throughout the range. These two elements of the simplicity project are designed to ensure that the Renault range continues to offer an industry-leading level of vehicle choice, with the minimum of confusion.

The greatly reduced number of versions, down by 30% overall, will undoubtedly allow showroom staff to guide customers better on suggested cars to meet their individual requirements. While for fleet decision-makers, the revised line-up, coupled with Renault’s reputation for producing economical cars with high levels of specification and, increasingly, good quality and residual values, should make the task of aligning models with car choice list bandings even easier.

In total, the number of versions across the Renault car range falls from 227 to 159. The three trim levels available, depending on model, will be Expression, Dynamique TomTom and GT Line TomTom. Every model range is included in the programme except the Renaultsport line-up, which remain unaffected. Retail focused limited editions will continue to be offered for peak sales periods and Gordini versions continue to be available as limited editions.

As an example, the best-selling Clio range currently features six core trim levels, depending on body style, Extreme, Expression, S, Dynamique TomTom, Privilège TomTom and Initiale TomTom, plus two special editions. The line-up from January will see a greatly reduced model matrix of entry-level Expression, mid-range Dynamique TomTom and top-of-the-range GT Line TomTom, available across its three body styles of 3- and 5-door hatchback and Sport Tourer.

The three trim levels will each offer something different to customers. Expression becomes the stylish, value-for-money option. Moving up the range, Dynamique TomTom places the emphasis on impressive equipment specification (naturally including fully-integrated Carminat TomTom satellite navigation) and a sportier, image conscious appeal. GT Line TomTom tops the bill, with even greater sportiness and class-leading equipment and looks.

Some versions will actually gain additional equipment. Clio Dynamique TomTom is a prime example, already being well equipped with integrated Carminat TomTom satellite navigation, air conditioning, speed limiter, cruise control and alloy wheels, it now also gains Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

The specific model by model changes are outlined in the table below. Complementing the simplified range structures, the total number of options available across the range as a whole, has also been reviewed to make choosing easier.

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