Renault Twingo special edition treats itself to a tinge of excitement

Renault Twingo special edition treats itself to a tinge of excitement  
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on 06/01/2009

Special editions are yet another way to push sales for car makers, alloys, stickers and paint schemes represent the conventional menu.

For 12,750 euros, the Renault Twingo Art Collection is truly unique and has a distinct identity and none of the non-sense of a regular special edition.

Only 800 of these cars are going to be made, and you can choose your Twingo in any of these interior color schemes. The dashboard and gear knob are different as well, a little chrome goes a long way in enhancing appeal. The fabric on the doors use the same texture and color as the seats.

You spend more time inside your car than outside it, so these vibrant color combinations, if they are to your liking, should jazz up the interiors and lend your car a unique identity.

I'll take the orange and vanilla, what about you?

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