Ronn Motor company unveils "Hydrogen Hybrid" Supercar

Ronn Motor company unveils  
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on 06/09/2008


Ronn Motor company, a firm based in the U.S has come out with a Supercar. These days everyone does, but this one runs on hydrogen. Even better, it is a hybrid hydrogen supercar!

The 'Scorpion,' supercar packs quite a sting when it comes to technology. It uses electricity to extract hydrogen from water stored in a tank on board and mixed is in the ratio of about 30% with normal gasoline, which feeds the Acura 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

The hydrogen-gasoline blend works well and promises to deliver 40 mpg. Thats not bad for a car that produces 450 horsepower and gallops to 60mph in about 3.5s and has a top speed of 320 kmph.

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