Saab is launching BioPower Challenge - A mobile phone game

Saab is launching BioPower Challenge - A mobile phone game  
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on 07/05/2007

Source: Saab

Saab’s BioPower range takes position on a whole new market. The 9-3 SportCombi is the world’s first BioPower car in the mobile phone game arena. The idea behind BioPower Challenge is to drive a Saab 9-3 BioPower SportCombi between two locations in the shortest time possible. The game has three different levels to play: Inland, driving from Gothenburg to Trollhättan; Coast with a drive from Trollhättan to the Swedish village of Fiskebäckskil (where new Saab 9-3 will be launched this summer) and Mountain, where you drive on an icy road from Narvik in Norway to Jukkasjärvi in Sweden. The fastest driver wins. As a player of the BioPower Challenge you can compare your results with other players around the world by submitting your result to a global “high score” list. The car in the game can be fuelled with either bioethanol or petrol. But choose wisely because just as in real life, choosing bioethanol means getting more power and performance out of your Saab BioPower car.

The Saab BioPower Challenge will be launched in week 28, at the same time as the international tennis tournament in Båstad. For budding “mobile phone drivers”, the game will be available via SMS text. To download the game, text SAAB to 71747 in Sweden and +46 737 494 050 in the rest of Europe. The game will also be available at end July.

Saab has a leading position in the rapidly growing European segment for flex-fuel vehicles, and is the only manufacturer to offer environmentally friendly models of all its cars in Europe. BioPower combines turbocharging with bioethanol (E85) to achieve increased power and performance, along with significantly lower fossil carbon dioxide emissions than when running on petrol.

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