Sales of Mercedes S-Class slump this year

Sales of Mercedes S-Class slump this year  
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on 08/10/2008

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Who wouldn't fancy an extravagant car that welcomes you by moving its seat backwards and shutting its door by itself, once you are inside. It stops and accelerates by itself, plans and safeguards for and during a crash, has airbags in every possible space to protect you and has more technology than a space shuttle. Well, these days, not many.

Besides SUVs and pickups, the sale of luxury cars like the Mercedes S-Class have fallen and fallen by a sizable extent. The German automaker has witnessed a stiff fall of 23% in the sales of its S-Class in the U.S.

Perhaps gas prices are only a part of the reasoning. U.S. is not the sole locality where the S-Class is attaining unpopularity as even in other places, things look somewhat identical. Its global sales were down 11.9 percent in the initial half of this year, a powerful warning for Mercedes to take some action.

Mercedes could rejoice the fact that Russia in addition to markets like China, are currently having a towering demand for this otherwise troubled luxury sedan. Mercedes is preparing to send more quantity of cars to those countries.

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