Shanghai Volkswagen presents Neeza concept car

Shanghai Volkswagen presents Neeza concept car  
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on 11/17/2006

Source: Volkswagen

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Shanghai Volkswagen has revealed the Neeza concept car at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. The Neeza concept is a crossover between a sports coupé and an estate with an off-road appearance, and has been designed in China for China. The study combines Chinese and German design philosophies, signifying the future of new models from Shanghai Volkswagen. Produced with Chinese culture, tastes and requirements firmly in mind, it is a mix of traditional Chinese and modern European features.

The off-road look of the Neeza concept reflects the versatility of the model. The front of the concept features a grille and bumper design that is typically Volkswagen, yet traditional Chinese window engravings are incorporated into the grille design. The rear looks sporty, yet is also functional.

The Neeza concept offers a large, functional interior for both business and leisure purposes. The design is open with optimal comfort in mind, for example, the front seats swivel so passengers can face each other. Access to rear seating is simplified by rear doors which open towards the rear, while a large panoramic roof provides a bright interior.

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The concept intentionally has neither a radio, navigation system nor other form of infotainment equipment. Instead a ‘Magic Box’ serves as an interface for radio and navigation systems, mobile phone, personal organiser and other devices.

The name Neeza originates from ‘Ne-zha’, the name of a famous and mystical figure from Chinese history who had magical weapons and fought evil spirits.

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