smart at the Paris Motor Show: The city loves you

smart at the Paris Motor Show: The city loves you  
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on 09/25/2006

Source: DaimlerChrysler

Comfort, agility, safety and ecology are particular strengths of the smart fortwo. They are best demonstrated in European cities such as Paris, Berlin or Rome - the environment that this car was developed for and where it has achieved cult status in a very short space of time. The smart fortwo requires only half the road space of most other vehicles. The agile two-seater not only gets you around town more quickly; if everyone were to drive a smart fortwo, the line of cars waiting at the traffic lights would be only half as long, and the car parks would have space for twice as many cars. Or to put it another way: you don't have to look for a parking space in the smart fortwo - you find one.

A car park at the fair stand

But let's come back to comfort, agility, safety and ecology: under the motto "The city loves you" the smart fortwo will be demonstrating these – its archetypal strengths – at the Paris Motor Show. A car park is a main feature of the exhibition area. Here, 15 smart fortwos are parked close together. They demonstrate the economical use of valuable parking space by this two seater measuring less than three metres in length.

Incidentally, all the smart fortwos sport the same appearance in lite white with a silver tridion safety cell. With one exception: the smart fortwo edition red has an all-over "intensive red" finish. This sporty two-seater is to be offered as the final special model as the current series is phased out, and is also on show at the fair in Paris.

The new smart fortwo: Even more smart fortwo

The new smart fortwo, which will be launched in the spring of 2007, is not on show in Paris. The world premiere will take place this year, at a location outside of the trade fair circuit. However, a first indication of its appearance has already been given: a sand sculpture of the new model could be seen during the German beach volleyball championships at the beginning of September at Timmendorfer Strand.

Over and above this we can reveal this much: the new smart fortwo will be a true smart fortwo as well. It will adopt the key characteristics of the current model. You could say that the fortwo can do everything that the current fortwo can do - but a little better.

The smart press conference will take place on the first press day (28 September 2006 from 12:15 to 12:30). In addition, journalists are warmly invited to start the first and second press days from 8:30 to 10:30 with a smart breakfast.

In the evening of the first press day (28 September 2006) automotive journalists will have an opportunity to watch the film "A Good Year" before it is shown at cinemas in November. In a screening that is not open to the public smart will show the film starring Oscar prize-winner Russell Crowe (who drives a smart fortwo in the film) in the English original. "A Good Year" is the fourth international cinema film featuring smart product placement. Journalists will assemble at 18.30 and the film will be screened at 19.30.

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