Spied - Ferrari F430 test mule

Spied - Ferrari F430 test mule  
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on 06/10/2009

With the production of the F430 done for good, the replacement car, the Ferrari F450 should make its world debut this fall at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

The latest set of spy shots shows us a new diffuser. With wider wheel cases, it is certain that the F450 will have a wider track.

F450 will use the F430's modified chassis and body. Code named F142, a 4.5-liter V8 engine that produces around 585 horsepower is mounted behind the driver. Power is transferred to rear wheels through a double-clutch gearbox used in the California.

Kinetic Energy Recovery System from Formula 1 pit garage could sneak into the F450, which is still unconfirmed. This system recovers kinetic energy from the decelerating wheels while braking.

The Ferrari California shares similarities with the F450, but is made for the customer who calls for a hooligan. The stiff suspension setup will make this a track monster, and should prove a hot performance Ferrari.

Source: Fastestcar

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