Subaru Imprezas on-track for reliability record

Subaru Imprezas on-track for reliability record  
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on 03/05/2009

Source: Subaru

Subaru’s iconic Impreza has cemented its reputation for reliability in the most testing of environments – thundering around Castle Combe circuit, as part of the Wiltshire track’s award-winning Racing School – for the past seven years, fault-free.

Subaru started their unique relationship with Castle Combe in 2002, after a successful dealer day at the 1.85-mile Wiltshire circuit. Since then, there has been a trio of first WRX and (since 2008), 300 bhp, 300 lb ft STI Type UK Imprezas used at the circuit. The STIs are used primarily for the Racing School, but also; ARDS race licence testing, showing the ‘racing line’ to track day novices, corporate entertainment programmes, course car/safety car duties at racing meets and, best of all, for ‘white knuckle high speed passenger rides’ – something the STI relishes.

The cars are replaced after a year (c5,000 miles) of use and abuse on track. And, over the successful seven-year period at Castle Combe, the fleet of first WRX, and now the STI Imprezas has had more than 12,000 test pilots, completed an incredible total of 56,000 laps and covered more than 105,000 miles – almost enough to lap the globe five times, without a single fault.

And remember, this is not conventional fast road use: this is a punishing circuit racing environment, notoriously hard on cars, but obviously not an issue for Subaru’s legendary Impreza.

Created with demolishing the gruelling special stages of world rallying in mind, the All-Wheel Drive, turbocharged Impreza is obviously equally at home on the circuit – making it the ideal ‘weekend warrior’ track day tool, as well as a practical, reliable, affordable daily driver. It’s a true race-car for the road.

Rodney Gooch, Sales & Marketing Director, Castle Combe Circuit, said: “We are extremely proud to have this unique relationship with Subaru, and we see having the latest Type UK STI as an accolade. The cars may be synonymous with rallying, but our extensive, totally problem-free, multiple-use of the WRX STIs here at the circuit, in a tough track environment, proves they are just as suited to racing. They are absolutely perfect as a circuit car and teaching tool – fast, safe, reliable, grippy and fun. And having had so many test drivers and miles covered over seven years – without a single fault – speaks volumes for their engineering capability.”

He added: “They have been a great asset to Castle Combe and have been admired by many 1000s of people who’ve come here, to watch racing, learn to race or enjoy a track day. We are sure they will continue to cover the collective 120,000 miles needed to have notionally gone around the world fives times by September of this year.”

John Fossey, Brand Director, Subaru (UK) Ltd, said: “We are very proud of the record of reliability our cars have built up at Castle Combe circuit over the past seven years, and we are confident that our latest cars will achieve the next target with their usual spirited enthusiasm.”

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