Subaru launches XV Concept at Shanghai Show

Subaru launches XV Concept at Shanghai Show  
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on 04/19/2011

Source: Subaru

The SUBARU XV CONCEPT is launched at the Shanghai motor show today (April 19-28), a design concept car that defines a new generation of crossover vehicle, blending traditional SUV practicality within a fashionable form. The XV Concept has been specifically designed for customers seeking a vehicle offering the looks, benefits and packaging that stretch beyond the existing choice of crossover models.

The new generation design concept car combines Subaru’s crossover-like driving dynamic with what the designers describe as a “playful nature”. The key concept is the integration of authentic functionality but with urban, stylish design. The vehicle was engineered to blend the commanding silhouette seen around the lower half of the body with a fashionable image in a single, modern package. The XV’s body exhibits the very solid, dynamic and independent styling so characteristic of all Subaru’s.

The front of the vehicle features design elements that are common to the Subaru stable, including the hexagon grille, winged motif and hawk-eye headlights. The centre of the grille is the same colour as the body itself, which contributes to the solid and powerful look while the combination of the black lower bumper protectors and metallic highlights reinforces the cross-over design and give the XV real presence.

The rear of the vehicle features the same hexagonal design as the front. Metallic decorations give the hexagonal shape greater definition, while more hexagons engraved into the clear blue base under the license plate complement the consistent design theme. The layered structure of the tail lights gives them a deeper look, which are further highlighted with the distinct line flowing from the top of the rear combination lights across the rear gate. The elevated height of the line serves to interconnect both rear combination lights, giving the rear of the vehicle a wider appearance.

The XV features a panorama type roof of continuous glass which extends from the front windscreen all the way to the rear, resulting in a smooth and sleek profile. The combination of clear and metallic materials used for the roof rails enhance the modern, premium look. New alloy wheels with silver spokes and black rims have been designed to combine a solid, stylish appearance befitting of fashionable urban chic while the exterior paintwork is a special Electro Yellowgreen colour to embody exciting performance, and rounds off what is a potent exterior design.

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