Supercar drivers risking an accident says TyreSafe

Supercar drivers risking an accident says TyreSafe  
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on 02/19/2007

Source: TyreSafe

Drivers of Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and other high performance cars are risking an accident and injury on wet roads because of worn tyres, according to research released by TyreSafe, Britain’s foremost tyre safety organisation. One of the UK’s largest suppliers of high performance tyres and a major TyreSafe supporter has, over a two month period, checked on the condition of tyres removed from high performance cars at their depot in the south of England. The results give cause for concern says TyreSafe. A dramatic 30% of the tyres removed were either defective or badly worn, almost three times the national average*.

In addition to risking a £2,500 fine and 3-penalty points on the driver’s licence, worn tyres increase the risk of an accident on wet roads. Independent research undertaken by the tyre industry at the Motor Industry Research Association showed that the ability of tyres to grip in the wet fall dramatically with a tread depth below 3mm.

Many of these cars, say TyreSafe, are not used regularly, and so tyres are not being checked on a weekly basis. Furthermore, high performance tyres tend to be more hidden under the wheel arch than those which are of more conventional size and therefore, visual checks of the tread are consequently more difficult to undertake.

TyreSafe is urging drivers of high performance cars to take advantage of free tyre checks offered by all reputable tyre dealers. This is to ensure that their tyres are legal and are capable of matching both the performance and handling potential of the car.

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*The national average for defective tyres is 12%, a further 12% have at least one tyre below between 1.6mm and 2mm.

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