Surfing with Volvo Trucks now easier than ever

Surfing with Volvo Trucks now easier than ever  
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on 01/29/2008

Source: Volvo Trucks

In a move to improve functionality whilst providing easier access for downloading images, Volvo Trucks has re-launched all its websites, including those of its Dealer Network.

The websites now use the Web 2.0 platform which aids interactivity, RSS feeds and, in the future, social networking capabilities, including ‘blogs’. The new look features simpler graphics, much more accessible content and improved navigation. ‘Pop-up’ windows are being eliminated and the screen size has been increased to fit better within modern computer screens at 1280x1024 resolution.

The latest Volvo sites are particularly rich in interactive content and there are many more Flash movies to maintain visitors’ interest. In particular there is a new and comprehensive section dedicated to recruiting workshop technicians, which features a ‘just for fun’ personality test for potential recruits and outlines job descriptions for Customer Service Representatives and Parts personnel.

Apart from the new look and easier downloading capabilities, the re-launched websites, including those belonging to the Dealers, also promote the whole range of Volvo Trucks as well as Genuine Volvo Service and Genuine Volvo Parts. These new features ensure anyone browsing the site is always just a couple of clicks away from up-to-date product and Aftermarket information.

Volvo customers can register for a range of Online Services via the websites. These include the web-based Transport Information Service, Dynafleet Online. Customers can also view their truck specifications or search for Used vehicles in their chosen area via the revised Truckfinder website. They can even join Volvo Truck Nation, the exclusive club for truck operators, drivers and enthusiasts, online, which is still only £9.99 per annum.

The catalyst for the re-design was a series of worldwide user surveys which were conducted by Volvo Group. These indicated that the previous website design, which had been in use since 2002, needed an overhaul. The re-launch has taken place across all Volvo Group websites including Volvo Trucks, Volvo Bus, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Financial Services, Volvo Aero and Volvo Penta.

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