Switzer Performance adds performance to the Porsche 911 GT2

Switzer Performance adds performance to the Porsche 911 GT2  
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on 06/15/2009

Switzer Performance, Ohio's famous car tuners have developed an advanced twin turbo kit for the already powerful and mighty Porsche 911 GT2. Professional tuner Tym Switzer and his staff at SPI have put together this pack, which when coupled to the 911 GT2 delivers 800 hp.

With those numbers, the 911 GT2 is ready to push you back on to the seat like an angry horse kicking your chest; such would be the eventual result of a floored throttle pedal.

Not only have Switzer directed this pack to power-hungry customers, it has also looked into giving the car a smoother ride with an equal power curve. The 911 GT2 can run on normal 93 octane gas and is essentially a bolt on kit consisting of custom SPI headers, an aftermarket exhaust system, new intercooler setup, and the hair-raising two GT30R turbochargers.

The ECU settings have been ignored, the results of the mechanical modifications prove old-school tuning is still the way to go!


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