Telephoning in your Audi using the iPhone

Telephoning in your Audi using the iPhone  
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on 08/13/2007

Source: Audi

Audi and the iPhone – high technology in a perfect design. Even at the time of its launch, the first mobile phone from Apple can be used in all Audi models. The big seller in the U.S. (more than 270,000 phones sold in the first 30 hours) is eagerly awaited in this country too. According to a survey, every third Apple fan would definitely like to buy the phone and, what is more, “right away”.

Audi and Apple have been working closely to ensure that the full functionality of the iPhone is available in most Audi models. The only requirement is the mobile phone preparation with the Bluetooth interface, optionally available in all Audi model lines. Alongside the standard hands-free functions (accept/reject call/hands-free), the mobile phone preparation supports the display of the signal strength and the provider’s name, in addition to the transfer of the telephone directory including the icons “Work”, “Home”, “Mobile” and the call lists.

In addition to making telephone calls, the Audi music interface (available as an optional extra for the A5, A6, A8 and Q7) allows customers to enjoy the iPhone’s music playback function in supreme quality via the in-car sound system. What is more, thanks to the Audi MMI, customers can navigate conveniently through their music compilations by artist, track title, playlists and genre – in exactly the same way they are accustomed to from their iPod.

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