The $500,000 Ferrari F50 that was wrecked by a FBI agent

The $500,000 Ferrari F50 that was wrecked by a FBI agent  
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on 05/29/2009

I have not heard this story before, but I've always wondered how an officer, who drives around in a cop car that little more powerful that a normal one, almost always manages to drive a ceased car back to the impound safely. I'm chuckling now, read on to learn the reason.

A FBI agent wrecked a ceased Ferrari while on his way to impound the car. He lost control of the Ferrari F50 which we are able to learn for the images, and smashed sideways on to a tree.

The officer escaped without any injuries and blamed a blown tire while he was doing 40mph for the accident.

I can't imagine a blown tire causing this incident. I can only imagine the FBI officer, who was sitting in a car that he always dreamed of owning, gunning the throttle and managing to lose control of the high performance car.

Source: WreckedExotics

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