The TCE 100hp engine to power Modus

The TCE 100hp engine to power Modus  
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on 06/08/2007

Source: Renault

Modus is shortly to become available with the new TCE 100hp petrol engine already seen on models in the Clio III range and on the New Twingo GT. Equipped with a low inertia turbo, it combines the power of a 1.4-litre engine with the torque of a 1.6 yet features the fuel consumption of a 1.2. On Modus, CO2 emissions will be a low 140g/km and this powerplant was developed to stand out as a new benchmark in terms of performance and fuel consumption for this level of power. Modus TCE 100hp goes on sale in France with prices starting from €15,300.

Punch, response and power under the right foot thanks to turbo technology

Developed from the 1.2 16V 75hp block, it is equipped with a low inertia turbo that ensures minimal lag thanks to its small diameter turbine and compressor. Its maximum power of 100hp and peak torque of 145Nm are available at 5,500rpm and 3,000rpm respectively. The marriage of a small cubic capacity and a low inertia turbo ensures lively response from low revs, while maximum torque is available from low engine speeds and remains available across a broad revband.

The turbocharger includes an "overpower" feature which temporarily boosts power output in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears at engine speeds of more than 4,500rpm (5hp extra power and 6Nm extra torque).

Some 30 per cent of the TCE 100hp's components are new compared with the 75hp block. The new engine also benefits from several evolutions, notably sodium cooled valves for enhanced resistance to heat, oil jet-cooled pistons and optimized cylinder head cooling. The injectors, sparkplugs and coil are all specific to the TCE 100hp, while its sump is made from aluminium.

The four-into-one exhaust manifold has been carefully designed to optimize the flow of exhaust gases in order to maximize the delivery of energy to the turbine. Meanwhile, a tumble-effect movement of the air inside the cylinders favours combustion speed for enhanced chamber-filling efficiency and improved stability at idle.

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