The Top Ten Things You Must Have in Your Car

The Top Ten Things You Must Have in Your Car  
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on 10/05/2006

Source: The Langenscheidt Publishing Group/American Map

We are spending more time than ever in our cars. Between carpooling with the kids, running everyday errands, and spending time in those inevitable traffic jams, we don't just drive our cars - we seem to live in them! With all that time spent behind the wheel, there are certain must-have items for every auto; things you might not know you need - until you don't have them.

1) American Map 2007 U.S. Road Atlas - The must-have! This brand new edition -- the gold standard of road atlases -- delivers all the features of a deluxe atlas at a price you'd expect to pay for an atlas with much less to offer. With colorful, easy-to-read maps, spiral binding, and accuracy guaranteed, this item is a necessity for every driver on the road.

2) Umbrella - "Murphy's Law" - It will rain on the day you have that important client meeting.

3) Pen - We all do business and take messages in the car.

4) Flashlight - Everyone drives at night; make sure you're not left in the dark.

5) First Aid Kit - You never know when you'll need a band aid - and won't have one in the car.

6) Tire Gauge - In this time of skyrocketing gas prices, correct tire pressure will increase gas mileage.

7) Sunglasses - Two words - sun glare!

8) Lip Balm - Might not be essential, but it's nice to have in the glove compartment.

9) Air Freshener - Whether it's takeout food or hockey equipment, no one wants their car to smell like the stuff we transport.

10) Candy Bar - As you go from point "A" to point "B" and you don't want to stop, you might need a quick snack.

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