Three new OE fitments for Yokohama tyres

Three new OE fitments for Yokohama tyres  
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on 02/08/2007

The Japanese tyre manufacturer Yokohama is continuing its reign of success and has recently been adopted as OE fitment tyre on three new models across the complete motoring spectrum. The latest additions to the Yokohama portfolio include high performance, upgrade and off-road applications, demonstrating the brand’s performance in all sectors of the automotive market.

One of the most exciting cars to come out of Japan recently, the Honda Legend, uses Yokohama’s flagship tyre, the ADVAN Sport and is exactly the type of vehicle that the Sport was designed for. It combines ultra high performance with luxury and comfort for a rewarding driving experience.

The Legend is Honda’s flagship luxury saloon and sports permanent four wheel-drive, a 291bhp V6 VTEC engine and a host of safety features, such as emergency braking radar and lane changing assistance. The Legend is fitted with 235/50R17 100W ADVAN Sport V103 tyres, providing exceptional levels of grip and response.

The Toyota Yaris has recently had a 17in wheel and tyre upgrade added to its option list and this combination features a bespoke tyre produced by Yokohama specifically for the application. The 205/45R17 E70D model provides the Yaris with exceptional grip and handling and perfectly compliments the existing Yokohama 185/60R15 E70B which is fitted as standard.

Another model from the Toyota range to benefit from Yokohama tyres is the latest RAV4 model. The third generation of the definitive compact SUV was launched last year and now comes with 225/65R17 101H pattern G91A Yokohama tyres as standard. The car features the latest in Toyota’s four wheel-drive system, which not only continuously adjusts the torque split, it also actively helps to bring the car under control in the event of a slide.

Honda and Toyota are the latest additions to an already impressive, and growing, range of automotive manufacturers choosing Yokohama tyres as OE fitment. Bentley, Porsche, Audi, Lotus, Aston Martin and Brabus have all selected the Japanese rubber as factory-fit items, thanks to the products’ performance and longevity and the manufacturer’s working relationship in developing tyres for particular applications.

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