Top British band goes on tour with Ford Transit

Top British band goes on tour with Ford Transit  
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on 01/29/2007

All-new Ford Transit has confirmed the icon's rightful position as roadies' favourite by being chosen by Liverpool garage rock band The Coral. The six-strong group from Hoylake will take to the road in a new Transit Double Cab-in-Van (DCIV), provided by Ford, to promote The Coral's fifth album. The album – to be released on Deltasonic and marketed by Sony BMG – is due for release in April. The Coral will drive their Ford Transit to appearances on radio stations, in indie clubs and at the summer's festivals. The band's first album came out in 2002 and the most popular tracks from The Coral include ‘In the Morning’ and ‘Something inside Me’.

Roadie Tonto is a veteran of life on the road with 30 years experience of touring with bands. He was wowed by the level of comfort and state-of-the-art technology compared to his first Transits in the 1970s. First Coralite to pass his driving test only a few of months ago was percussionist John Duffy.

The six-seater Transit DCIV is finished in Blue Ambition and solves the problem of being able to transport both people and equipment, safely and practically in a single vehicle. Access to the three rear seats is via a glazed side door, while the fully secured load box means that instruments and equipment can be secured out of view while the vehicle is parked.

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