Turbocharged CNG engines from Opel arriving in 2009

Turbocharged CNG engines from Opel arriving in 2009  
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on 05/15/2008

Source: Opel

Believe it or not, turbochargers are used to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Opel, in 2009 will introduce a new 1.6-liter CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engine which will be turbocharged and would produce 150 hp and 210 Nm of torque. The idea behind this engine is just that- turbocharging engines to increase efficiency – meaning lower consumption and emissions and without making any compromises in performance.

The new engine would employ of a turbocharger which would be integrated into the exhaust manifold, an intake manifold with gasoline and CNG fuel pipes, an oil cooler and piston cooling.

The benefits of this engine are easy to comprehend. Emission levels are lesser than the conventional engines. 80 percent less nitrogen oxide than a diesel, almost 20 percent less Carbon dioxide than a gasoline engine and close to 10 percent less carbon dioxide than diesel engines. Added to that, the exhaust gases would contain no soot particles.

Opel is a leading German producer of natural gas-powered series production. It is credited with manufacturing the most eco-friendly seven seater vehicle, the Opel Zafira CNG. CNG powered vehicles are becoming very popular with Germany and Italy being the key consumers.

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