Two ‘football pitch’ i10s built to celebrate the World Cup

Two ‘football pitch’ i10s built to celebrate the World Cup  
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on 05/24/2010

Source: Hyundai

To mark the sporting spectacle – of which Hyundai is the official car supplier - Hyundai has commissioned two very special i10s to be built.

The two cars are both covered in artificial turf and have lines which any groundsman would be proud. The centre circle on the roof is home to a 1.5 metre tall football and the driver peers through the goal posts on the bonnet.

While the outsides look identical, the interiors have two unique looks. One car has a ‘grass’ look to match the exterior, while the other has a football theme inside, right down to having balls as headrests.

The i10 football cars will be used for promotional World Cup activity at various events up and down the country.

When deciding who to commission to undertake the conversion from city car to football pitch on wheels, there was only one man who sprung to mind: Andy Saunders.

Bournemouth-based Andy is an ingenious automotive artist and has been a major creative force in the British custom scene for many years. He also has previous experience with Hyundai, creating an i10-based ice cream van and an i30 with a hinge in the middle for the London Motor Show.

These two i10s also had a share of the limelight in the past. They were given to Jeremy Clarkson to appear in his DVD ‘Duel’ and ended up a little damaged. Rather than repair the crumpled panels and sell them on to a buyer who may not appreciate buying a car driven by the Stig, Hyundai decided to cover the dents with artificial grass and give them a second shot at fame.

The i10s will be touring the country before and during the World Cup, visiting dealers and events across the UK.

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