Volkswagen named one of women's wear daily's top 12 Most-Respected Generation Y brands

Volkswagen named one of women's wear daily's top 12 Most-Respected Generation Y brands  
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on 04/26/2007

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Volkswagen of America, Inc. is pleased to announce that it is considered among the "Top 12 Most-Respected Generation Y brands" according to a recent study by Outlaw Consulting, a San Francisco-based research firm that follows the habits of 21- to 27-year-olds. The list is published in the April 19 issue of Women’s Wear Daily. The list, reports that Generation Y knows about being fashionable yet economical, considers itself interesting yet simple and views Volkswagen as a top trendsetting brand. In a generation of consumers that prides themselves on the Goonies, Nintendo and Cabbage Patch Kids, this age group, according to WWD, also represents "young, environmentally conscious consumers." Driving cars from the Jetta to the Passat, Gen-Yers relate to Volkswagen’s green initiatives and its "Fun to Drive" motto, yet value the affordability and approachability of the brand the most. Gen-Yer's respect a brand that is "clean and simple" yet "continues to keep things fun," said strategic analyst Holly Brickley from Outlaw Consulting, the creative research firm who compiled the results.

Adding to its reputation as a Generation Y brand, Volkswagen has initiated several lifestyle endeavors in order to align the brand with Gen-Yers. VW developed exclusive style accessories for its new Eos convertible, designed by top fashion and home accessory designers including Lutz and Patmos and Hable Construction. Playing along with Gen-Yer’s passion for music, VW partnered with First Act guitars to create the GarageMaster electric guitar, which brought rock and roll to the hands of the consumer by allowing them to plug directly into select VW vehicles and have a concert wherever they pleased. These irreverent initiatives attest to the "authenticity of Volkswagen" - something, according to Outlaw, is well respected by Generation Y.

"These are the top brands whose values align with those of the generation - in their core philosophy, they really get what youth is about, and therefore are viewed by Gen-Yers as authentic and real, in terms of who they are and what they're trying to achieve," said Barbara Bylenga, Outlaw's president.

BusinessWeek defines Generation Y as "One of the most watched age groups because it's among the largest - almost three times the size of Generation X." And, in a generation with cell phones, music downloads and Instant Messaging on the Internet, it's "refreshing to have a company that is authentically cool, more so than trying too hard to be hip and edgy," according to Outlaw.

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