Volvo Trucks delivers Volvo Open 70 yacht

Volvo Trucks delivers Volvo Open 70 yacht  
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on 07/07/2008

Source: Volvo

Heads turned last Friday (4th July) when an unusual delivery took place through busy Stockholm streets as the latest Ericsson Volvo Open 70 yacht was hauled by Volvo Trucks’ new flagship Volvo FH16.

“Ericsson is putting a massive effort into the Volvo Ocean Race. For us organisers it feels good to be able to assist with the transportation of their yacht. It is also a great opportunity for us to show off our brand new truck”, says Christina Ohlsson-Jones, responsible for the Volvo Ocean Race at Volvo Trucks.

Ericsson has built both their yachts at a special boat yard next to their Head Office at Kista, Sweden. The first boat left Sweden some time ago and is going through tough sailing and tests at sea off Lanzarote, where Ericsson has established a training camp for its two crews. The new boat, Ericsson 4, left the boat yard at Kista last Friday and will now be put in the water in Stockholm.

The transport of the over 20-metre long and 5-metre wide yacht was an impressive sight. “We chose a Volvo FH16 for this job as it is our strongest and toughest truck model. The driver was also carefully selected for this important task,” said Christina Ohlsson-Jones.

“Through the Volvo Ocean Race, Volvo and all that the Volvo brand stands for, will be noticed all over the world. Ocean racing is an extreme sport which is founded on professionalism, co-operation, team work and the courage to stretch things to their absolute limit – all the time keeping safety in focus”, says Christina Ohlsson-Jones.

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