What does the color of your car tell about you?

What does the color of your car tell about you?  
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on 11/02/2006

Most psychologists agree that colors play a very important role in our lives. Our favourite colors and their combinations will sometimes reveal more things about us than we ever thought they would. But, is it the same with the color you chose for your car?

The color of the car has always played an important role in a customer’s choice. So, it’s not weird that there are so many types of the same color today, and that the name ‘blue’ or ‘green’ just isn’t enough. Even the basic nuance of the same color can often differ between manufacturers.

A lot has changed since the time when you could chose only a black T Model, not because it was Mr. Henry Ford’s favourite color, but because no other color could dry as fast as black. Now, new chemical elements are added to speed up the drying process, and manufacturers started to add more colors to their color palettes.

Today, it is believed that the color of your car speaks volumes about your personality and driving habits. Business people would choose cars with darker colors, buses and truck drivers like lighter colors, and sports cars drivers often choose cars with strong staring colors.

From Wikipedia:

"A Swedish study found pink cars safest, with black cars most likely to be involved in crashes (Land transport NZ 2005)."

"An Auckland, New Zealand studies found a significantly lower risk of serious injury in silver cars; with high risks for brown, black, and green cars. (Furness et al, 2003)"

So, according to psychologists, red cars denote those who are full of zest, energy and drive, brave, ambitious and impatient characters, who also think, move and talk quickly. The color red is a synonym for sex, speed, thoroughness and dynamism.

Brown or orange color denotes those who are practical, independent and who like to race. These colors represent sensibleness, time and simplicity.

Yellow cars describe someone who is idealistic and novelty loving, and who is also intelligent and warm.

Green cars indicate someone who is careful and unsociable, but also has hysterical tendencies.

Blue cars are chosen by the imaginative, loyal, and trustworthy people.

Pink cars are chosen by gentle, loving and affectionate drivers. Pink represents creativity and individuality.

Silver and grey cars describe someone who is cool, calm, and slightly aloof and who is prone to criticizing other drivers.

Black cars are chosen by stubborn, disciplined people, who like classic cars and elegance. They are not easy to manipulate.

White cars represent status-seeking, extrovert drivers, who are also optimistic, simple and who you can rely upon.

Of course, every rule has its exception. We need to highlight that judging people by what their car is isn’t some method or rule. For an example, for used cars buyers, far more important is the quality of the car than its color. Women like to choose their color which they think suits the best with car’s body lines.

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