World Exclusive! Tata Nano caught on tape while testing

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on 06/05/2008

The world's cheapest car was developed like a secret nuclear weapon in an army HQ. Nobody knew anything about it, and company officials never spoke of it. They including the suppliers withheld all vital stats and figures until the official launch. Information dribbled onto the web in the later stages but that was again nothing really appreciable.

The Tata Nano was launched earlier this year at the Delhi Autoexpo and once again in Geneva for the European audience. The Nano was never photographed testing until now, where a watchful Indian has video taped a test car without any camo. The base model sans the bells and whistles was doing its test runs in the famous Pune-Mumbai express way during the incident. One can get a close look at the car in action from this video.

With land disputes at the originally proposed plant location, Tata had taken counter measures to smoothen things out and avoid delays in introducing the car in the market by deciding to manufacture the first batch of cars from another plant. A couple of months back, this plant had set about rolling out test vehicles so that the state and efficiency of the production line could be assessed and necessary changes can be made before the mass-production begins in the month of September this year.

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