World’s first drive-in fitting room

World’s first drive-in fitting room  
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on 04/11/2008

Source: Chevrolet UK

A touch of style is being brought to the car forecourt today with the launch of the world’s first drive-in fitting room, which allows motorists to check out what they look like in their car before they commit to purchase. Despite three out of four (72 per cent) of drivers saying they use their car as a status symbol – wanting other drivers to view it as a reflection of the owner’s personality and success – 95 per cent admit they have no idea what they actually look like behind the wheel.* That is until now…

To help car buyers make the right purchasing decision, Chevrolet UK has created a bespoke drive-in fitting room. The curtained-off room allows buyers to “try on” the car by driving it onto a central revolve placed in front of three giant mirrors. A remote-control handset allows drivers to rotate the revolve to get a 360 degree view of what they actually look like in their motor. The unique fitting room is being trialled in a South London forecourt.

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Nicky Hambleton-Jones, presenter of Channel 4’s makeover show 10 Years Younger, commented: “You wouldn’t dream of buying a dress or suit without trying it on first so why should it be any different when it comes to buying a car – after all you never know who might pull up next to you at the lights. Most people have no idea what they actually look like behind the wheel, but seeing as the car is an expression of your personality, it’s important to make sure you get the model that complements your style. Well done Chevrolet for creating the first drive-in fitting room letting us literally try on our cars – and bringing a much needed touch of glamour to forecourts.”

Susan Kalair of Chevrolet comments: “We’re excited to be the first car brand to introduce a drive-in fitting room. It’s such a simple idea but with 95 per cent of motorists saying they have no idea what they look like in their car, we think it could prove a drive-away hit.”

*Chevrolet carried out online research of over 1,000 motorists (April 2008)

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