World’s only stretch Smart car unveiled

World’s only stretch Smart car unveiled  
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on 04/11/2008

Source: Carbonyte

Carbonyte UK, creator of the world’s first Ferrari ‘limousine’ has unveiled its latest canny conversion – the world’s only stretched Smart Car, the Carbonyte Smaaart.

The Carbonyte team, led by MD and ex-McLaren man Chris Wright, took a Mercedes Benz Smart Fortwo and stretched its chassis by 2700mm, to create a 17 feet vehicle (5100 mm). Despite growing to over twice its normal length (2695mm), the Smaaart’s new lightweight alloy chassis allows the vehicle to be powered by its original 600cc engine and still comfortably reach motorway speeds of 80mph. In all, the build process took just 300 man hours over four weeks from the initial chassis cut to the final paintwork.

The prototype Smaaart has been designed as a promotional vehicle, featuring a 20:1 scale fibre-glass replica soft drinks can, complete with ring-pull, which serves as van-like storage space for promotional items. The Smaaart can be liveried to any client’s design choice and hired on a daily basis – or bespoke vehicles can be manufactured for individual clients to lease or purchase outright at a projected cost of around £25,000, with almost any theme in the centre.

Carbonyte is also looking to take the Smaaart into the funeral industry by using the latest electric technology to produce an individual yet environmentally-friendly hearse.

“We think the Smaaart will make a great promotional vehicle – combining head-turning looks with the practicality of a van. We’ve already had incredible reactions on the road – the vehicle’s almost stopped traffic, in fact the same reaction we had with the stretched Ferrari,” said Chris Wright.

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