Young Creators Enlighten Paris Night at Refreshing First

Young Creators Enlighten Paris Night at Refreshing First  
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on 01/29/2008

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Creativity, talent, diversity and enthusiasm were at the centre of celebrations at the lively and packed prize-giving ceremony of the first edition of “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!”, the pan-European contest for young artists launched by Chevrolet. Most of all, however, it was the party of the awarded students. They flocked into Paris from all over Europe and took the Arts Décoratifs building by storm with their personalities, their enthusiasm and the mix of happiness and nervousness that anyone would expect from young people having to face the spot lights for the first time in their life.

They all seemed very conscious of the moment they were living. Léa Schindler, the incredibly mature 20-year-old French student who won the Fashion competition and will see her creation worn by Chevrolet hostesses at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show, said: “I perfectly realize the chance this prize entails for me and I am determined to seize it. ” Next to her, Virginie Lescure, the French stylist who chaired the Fashion jury, underlined how much initiatives like “Young? Creartive? Chevrolet!” are needed in the arts community: “I remember well my times as a young creator trying to get her career started and I must tell you that opportunities such as these are as rare today as they were yesterday. Arts do not get enough support in our societies. We need more wonderful, concrete projects like this.”

Others were already looking forward to the actual prizes. The winners in the five categories will have the opportunity to be involved in real-life short traineeships related to their field. David Alvarez and Rémi Farajaud, the French pair that won the Video competition, for example, are already in the starting blocks: “We are really anxious to participate in the shoot of a professional commercial ad, ” they stated. “This will be such an exciting experience!”

The contest has definitely helped students broadening their perspectives. Said Gianluca Chiocca, the Italian who won in Visual Arts: “It’s nice being in Paris, a city that means a lot to me, and meeting with other young creators from all over Europe and with such diverse backgrounds. This reinforces my determination to go abroad as soon as I finish my studies: I want to discover and to absorb everything that is around!”

Work for the “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” done by participants in the framework of their academic curses has also allowed to give studying a different dimension. Alain Vögeli, General Manager of the Ecole de Multimédia et d’Art of Fribourg in Switzerland, whose team won the first prize in Photography, explains: “Projects linked to real-life creation like this one help getting beyond the perceived rigidity of the professor-student relationship, giving young creators different guidance. This is something very rewarding for us professors, too!” The three teams from the University of Applied Arts of Vienna that reached the finale in Interior Design echoed this statement acknowledging that the quality of their works which impressed so much was the result of a collective process of creation: “We had a lot of discussions with our professors and fellow students, we had a lot of review sessions; it was stressful at times, but it helped a lot to improve the final result,” explains Peter Mahlknecht from the team that came in second.

A competition like “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” is also the perfect opportunity for daring ideas such as the one of the Austrian team (jointly entered by the Fashion school of Vienna and the University of Linz) that brought to second in the Fashion category a futuristic dress enabling images to be projected on it through "lumalive" technology. Speaking for the group, Julia Fidesser explained: “For us, participating made sense only if we were able to put forward something really innovative.”

And, last but not least, “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” achieved something as basic as helping to build the self-confidence of these talented young people. Maria Benedetta Bruzziches, the wonderfully exuberant Italian student classified third in Fashion, perfectly summarized the feeling, when she exclaimed “Oh my God, I'm here!”, when climbing on the podium.

Amid the colorful and lively crowd of awarded students, Wayne Brannon, the Executive Director of Chevrolet Europe, seemed as happy as the winners: “We tend to forget that it is young people who hold the key of change, of future ideas and trends. Initiatives such as “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!” help staying connected with the real world and I only hope that as we expand the contest and the second edition unfolds, we will be able to find even more concrete applications for the very interesting propositions young guys will put forward.”

Yet, “Young? Creative? Chevrolet!”does not end here. The 2008 edition was launched in December last year and the contest, which features the same five disciplines, has expanded to 15 European countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovenia and Switzerland).

To date, as many as 35 schools have already registered for the 2008 contest.

Applied arts schools and students can find all relevant information and register on-line on the contest’s website:

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