Meet the all new Renault Clio E-TECH

Groupe Renault
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Nov. 20. 2020
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Boulogne-Billancourt - Renault has introduced an advanced E-TECH powertrain to one of its most successful models ever, giving buyers of the best-selling Clio more choice than ever with a broad spectrum of engine and powertrain options.

The Clio, Renault’s popular supermini, is the definition of a success story with 30 years of providing excellent value, comfort and enjoyment. More than 650,000 Clios have been sold in the UK in the last 30 years, and the latest All-New Clio is the most advanced yet with a choice of efficient petrol, diesel and hybrid engines, a five-star Euro NCAP crash safety rating and a broad range of well-equipped specifications.

The first Renault to be built on the modular CMF-B platform, the All-New Clio boasts evolutionary exterior design with a revolutionary interior featuring premium materials and the latest technology – including 9.3-inch EASY LINK touchscreen and crisp TFT Driver Information Display.

Further enhancing the appeal of the Clio is the advanced new E-TECH powertrain, introducing hybrid power to the Renault range for the first time. Debuting technology inspired by the Renault F1 team for energy optimisation and brake regeneration, all models fitted with E-TECH technology offer customers strong performance with low running costs, enhancing the driving experience and refinement of existing Clio models.

The All-New Clio range has expanded with the new E-TECH hybrid powertrain, making full use of the expertise gained from the Renault Formula 1 Team in its application.

Available across all Clio trim levels, the E-TECH hybrid powertrain offers a flexible option to customers looking for both efficiency and performance.

Technology that’s found in an E-TECH powertrain can be broken down into two categories; the first is the way in which energy use and recovery can be optimised, while the other is the application of an innovative multi-mode dog gearbox for the first time in a production vehicle.

The electrification of Clio has been easy thanks to the versatile CMF-B modular architecture that was designed from the start to accept electric capabilities. In addition, the compact E-TECH powertrain can also be mounted in the engine compartment of the Clio E-TECH Hybrid, ensuring there’s no compromise in practicality elsewhere.

The hybrid series-parallel architecture ensures there’s a wide range of combinations relating to engine operations and the most effective CO2 gains while in use on the road. All E-TECH powertrains offer three levels of energy regeneration and regenerative braking.

The Clio E-TECH Hybrid makes use of a new-generation 1.6-litre petrol engine accompanied by two electric motors – an “e-motor” and a High-voltage Starter Generator (HSG) with aninnovative multi-mode clutchless gearbox. This revolutionary combination provides smoother gear changes that results in superior fuel efficiency.

A 1.2kWh (230V) lithium-ion battery also features, allowing significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, delivering the ability to complete 80 per cent of urban journeys in 100 per cent electric mode – selected via the MULTI-SENSE driving modes or a dedicated ‘EV’ button positioned on the dashboard.

The E-TECH powertrain automatically starts the car in electric mode, as the gearbox is clutchless – this means the engine does not need to be engaged when starting the vehicle. On start-up, the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid is responsive and refined with maximum torque but also maximum efficiency operating in electric mode.

The All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid’s powertrain automatically adapts to the driving conditions and the way in which it is being driven – managing its power supply accordingly, as well as the battery regeneration opportunities.

The change from one mode to another is barely noticeable and requires no input from the driver – the E-TECH powertrain automatically decides the most appropriate mode for the situation to optimise efficiency and emissions, while continuing to deliver responsive and enjoyable driving.

The All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid is available across all main trim levels: Play, Iconic, S Edition and R.S. Line, plus an exclusive Launch Edition. That means buyers have ultimate choice over the level of equipment they desire.