BMW 6 Series Insured Warranty VDT advertising campaign

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Dec. 21. 2020
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Munich - To drive BMW Insured Warranty sales growth and enhance customer service and retention, BMW Financial Services and Allianz Partners UK are introducing a new marketing initiative, embracing Vehicle Detection Technology (VDT) to tailor digital billboard messages to drivers of BMW cars.

Located in key city locations throughout the UK, the selected advertising billboards will display messages to owners of BMW cars no longer covered by a BMW new car or Approved Used Car warranty. The billboard adverts vary depending on the model of the car. The message to drivers will highlight their vehicle is no longer covered for the costs of mechanical or electrical repairs, and invites them to consider purchasing a BMW Insured Warranty online.

The billboard locations are situated alongside traffic lights on major roads, and the tailored messages will appear when VDT registers a BMW Insurance Warranty prospect sitting at a red light. This ensures road safety is not compromised as the car is stationary.

As part of delivering outstanding customer service we are constantly exploring new ways to add value and enhance customer engagement. This latest initiative, which brings together digital marketing expertise and product innovation, is an exciting opportunity to reach prospective customers on the move, during a time when physical interaction is restricted.- comments Liz Grindell, Head of Warranty and F&I at Allianz Partners UK

Steve Cann, Insurance Provider Manager for BMW Financial Services adds; “Our customers expect an elevated level of customer service and personalised digital marketing is just one way in which we can engage with them at this expected level. Tailored billboard messaging is a unique way of engaging with BMW owners outside of their homes that we hope will leave a memorable impression.

VDT serves highly personalised, real time content which is only triggered when a handpicked vehicle type is directly in sight of the roadside screen. Ads are served with pinpoint accuracy, delivering zero wastage. Developed by premium digital out of home media owner Ocean Outdoor, the technology does not store any personal driver or vehicle data.

The VDT campaign is being managed by Wavemaker in association with Ocean Labs and is set to launch in December 2020 with billboards in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle.