Celebrating 106 years of Maserati

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Dec. 01. 2020
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Modena - This year, the spotlight of the world mobility stage has been firmly on Maserati and the Brand has entered a new phase in its history, guided by the audacity embedded in its DNA. A celebration of the past and a look to the future merge.

Today, the day of the Marque’s anniversary, Maserati celebrates its foundation and its history reaching back more than a century, and looks towards the future. Exactly 106 years ago, Alfieri Maserati joined forces with his brothers Ettore and Ernesto to establish “Alfieri Maserati”, at number 1A on via de’ Pepoli, in the heart of Bologna.

“Maserati from A to Z”: a visual journey with a rapid flow of images making up an exciting story, recounting the Brand’s spirit and its constant striving for performance, innovation and exclusivity. The storytelling is in time to the beat of the alphabet and lists what Maserati has been and what it will be in the future.

***The Maserati Alphabet: the alphabet of audacity:

A - Alfieri B - Bora, Boomerang, Biturbo C - Customise D - Design E - Electrification F - Fast G - GranTurismo H - Heartbeat I - Innovation J - Just one Look K - Keep Dreaming Big L - (True) Love M - Made in Modena N - Nettuno O - Original P - Passion Q - Quattroporte R - Rebel S - Sound T - Trident U - Unorthodox V - Visceral W - Winning in Style X - Xtravagant Y - Yours Forever Z - Zooming into the Future

The Maserati Alphabet is a celebration of the past, present and future of the Trident brand.

The hero film showcases the many diverse elements that make Maserati so audacious, ending with a roll call of our future models.

Z stands for “Zooming into the Future”: the Brand is set to take centre stage with revolutionary new cars, innovations and projects. The focus is already strongly on the future.